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  • Golf Screening

    Are you fit for golf? Have a golf assessment today

    • Relieve sore joints from golf
    • Hit the ball further
    • Improve your ball striking
    • Prevent injury

    What is a Golf Assessment?

    A screening which involves a Physiotherapist analysing various aspects of your physical make up to determine your strengths & weaknesses. These weaknesses may be the cause of current problems or could have the potential to cause injury & limit your performance.

    What's on offer?

    The screening involves the evaluation of your alignment and "golf posture", flexibility of muscles/joints relevant to the golf swing, trunk and pelvic strength, golf swing technique and fitness testing.

    You will receive a thorough summary of the findings, and then a program is designed to rectify problems in the form of treatment, home exercises and advice.

    Sessions are run by Golf Physiotherapist Ben Corso at our Grange and Prospect clinic locations or by arrangement at your local golf club with your PGA professional.

    For more information speak with our friendly admin staff on 8342 1233