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  • Latest Research

    Thanks to our clinic’s strong alliance with the University of South Australia, The Physio Clinic is undertaking ongoing research to improve patient outcomes. We are currently working on a retrospective study looking at low back pain in golfers. As well as this we have several other projects looking to improve patient outcomes for a variety of common conditions including shoulder pain, knee pain and neck pain. Stay tuned for more information regarding these projects.

    Current Projects:

    This year, The Physio Clinic has strengthened their commitment to the School of Health Sciences, by supporting three students in undertaking clinically-based research projects.

    The research projects include:

    Assessing the effectiveness of hydrotherapy programmes for individuals following joint replacement surgery

    Investigating  the 3D kinematics of the golf swing using valid, reliable and affordable equipment

    Determining the impact of wearing high-heeled shoes on lifting technique and spinal muscle activation

    We hope the results of these projects help improve our treatment techniques and services offered at the clinic to improve patient outcomes.