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    A regular exercise program is an important part of rehabilitation. After knee or hip surgery your doctor is likely to recommend physiotherapy to assist in your recovery. So what’s involved and how can physio help?

    Orthopaedic physiotherapyStraight after your operation

    While you’re in hospital, a physiotherapist will meet with you about post-surgery recovery and to help get you moving. They might ask you to pump your feet and ankles to help mobilise swelling and help you with getting in and out of bed or with walking around the hospital. Your physio may also provide additional exercises to get your operated joint moving.

    When you have left the hospital

    "Hands on physiotherapy" is used to reduce pain and swelling and improve movement to help in your recovery from orthopaedic surgery. Trigger point therapy and stretches can also be used to reduce muscular tightness. At The Physio Clinic we ensure you receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment with an aim to:

    • restore movement to your joint
    • build strength in the muscles to help support the joint
    • reduce swelling and inflammation
    • improve walking quality

    Pilates and gym-based exercise programs are a great way to gradually improve movement and strength. Your physiotherapist can create an individualised exercise program that is suited to your level. This can be achieved in an individual or group-based environment, while being supervised by a physiotherapist.

    Hydrotherapy is another evidence-based rehabilitation method that is often used. It involves exercise in a heated pool as the warm water has multiple benefits while exercising in this environment including:

    • buoyancy to reduced the load on your operated joint
    • water (hydrostatic) pressure to mobilise swelling
    • water resistance to help strengthen muscles
    • warmth to reduce pain while exercising

    At The Physio Clinic, our aim is to get you back to life, work and sport faster. If you have any enquiries about physiotherapy care and rehabilitation before or after your knee or hip surgery, please get in touch with The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

    Jordan Tumes – Physiotherapist

    Prospect  |  MarryatvilleBlackwood