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    About Sarah BiermannSarah

    Sarah graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry) from University of South Australia in 2016. She primarily works at The Physio Clinic in both Prospect and Toorak Gardens, consulting and instructing Pilates classes as well as helping the hospital team at Burnside Hospital. Sarah has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedic rehabilitation and womens’ health. She has additional training in dry needling and Pilates.

    Sarah’s story

    I was working as a fitness instructor in a gym for three years, while studying my Bachelor of Health Sciences (Human Movement), and it was during this period that I was considering which health practitioner pathway to pursue…

    I've always been very passionate about helping others recover from pain and injury. The next step to furthering this interest was having the ability to diagnose patient conditions and help them return to their optimal physical function and an improved quality of life. Therefore, the choice became very clear, and I decided to become a physiotherapist over other available pathways.

    After completing my degree, I took a year off from study and traveled to Europe for three months and to the USA in 2014. Two years later, during the final year of my Masters of Physiotherapy degree, I was working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. From these experiences, I knew I wanted to be working in both private practice and hospital and rehabilitation settings. I’m thrilled to now be in a position at The Physio Clinic that enables the fulfillment of this goal.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my physiotherapy career and am looking forward to undertaking an upcoming professional development course in scapula-thoracic Pilates.

    It's exciting to continue developing my skills and knowledge in my chosen areas of physiotherapy practice, and learning from my senior mentors and colleagues, to further help my patients recover from injury and achieve their goals.

    Sarah Biermann – Physiotherapist

    The Physio Clinic
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