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    Keeping fit at any age: The Physio Clinic SAHere at The Physio Clinic, we like to believe that age is just a number.

    How often do we see stories on the television with people in their 60s and 70s running in the local Parkrun, training for their first marathon or even climbing a mountain? These feel good stories seem to be happening more often and we want to know why and how?

    Naturally, the body declines with age and science is unfortunately quite clear about the consequences of ageing which limits fitness, including a reduction in lung capacity, blood circulation, muscle mass and strength and an increase in body fat percentage. These consequences can lead to further complications with disease and increasing your falls risk. So what's the good news then?

    Despite these age-related changes, physiotherapy guided exercises can help to combat this fitness decline. In fact, regular exercise has shown to:

    • improve the function of your heart circulating blood around your body
    • enhance your energy
    • regain muscle strength
    • help with stress management and sleeping

    So if you’re looking to regain or improve your fitness, we’ve included our top 7 tips below which can be discussed with your physio:

    1. getting a medical clearance (e.g. any exercises to avoid)
    2. taking your time – gradual progression
    3. setting smart and relevant goals
    4. injury prevention – warming up/cooling down
    5. exercises targeting your requirements (resistance training, Pilates, hydrotherapy)
    6. group classes to enjoy with a friend
    7. committing to a program

    Whilst we can't control all the side effects of age, we can take steps to help ourselves enjoy a better quality of life in our aging years – by working with our mindset and our body. Our physiotherapists are here to support your goals and ambitions and make sure the most important number is how young you feel.

    Kristian Ricci – Physiotherapist

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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