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    Lower back, neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint in young children and teenagers, particularly during a growth spurt.

    Posture and backpacksThe main contributing factor is the posture assumed during school, often due to hours spent sitting at a desk and carrying heavy school bags. 

    As it is the start of the school year, it is best to get this sorted out early and set the ground rules for how to wear a backpack!

    School bag set up checklist:

    1. Choose a bag that has rigid back support bars built into the back (to contour to the spine)
    2. Adjust the straps so that the top of the bag is level with the shoulder blades
    3. Pack heavy items at the bottom of the bag, but ensure items that need to be accessed easily are at the top of the bag
    4. Ensure the weight is not packed to one side of the bag (e.g. a heavy item in one of the side pockets)
    5. Remind your child not to wear the bag over one shoulder!

    What can you do?

    Be observant about your child’s posture. If they are showing poor posture their backpack may be playing a role. If your child is experiencing or complaining of pain due to these potential reasons, it is best to have them checked before the year gets too far underway and winter sports begin.

    Seek the advice of your physiotherapist or general practitioner to determine if there are solutions to the problem.

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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