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    With Christmas around the corner, shopping around for gifts can be a stressful and time consuming process for many of us.

    Christmas gift vouchers at The Physio Clinic

    Preparing for this time of year will often involve lifting heavy grocery or gift bags, setting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house and hours in the garden preparing for Christmas day. 

    Quite often we see lower back injuries occurring and overuse related to neck pain from lifting and carrying all of those bags – and that’s not how anyone wants to start the festive holiday season!

    Making sure you look after your back, neck and shoulders doesn’t need to be difficult.

    1. When carrying multiple bags it is best to carry an even load in each hand – not all on one side.
    2. If you are lifting something out of the boot of the car, bring the item closer to your body before lifting, as opposed to reaching your arms far out in front to lift it.
    3. When bringing in loads of shopping into the house, avoid trying to carry all it all in one go. Break it up into smaller, lighter loads.
    4. Whilst tackling the gardening jobs, make sure to break up the ‘repetitive tasks’ that involve bending, kneeling, or overhead reaching to avoid overuse injuries.
    5. If you’re doing over head work (hanging tinsel or Christmas lights etc.) don’t forget to reach out for support and ensure you have a second person helping with lifting things or passing them to you. This will avoid unnecessary bending and twisting.

    If you are stuck for ideas on what to get a family member, friend or work colleague we have gift vouchers available at our clinics for PEC classes and trials on our Anti-Gravity Treadmill with a trained physiotherapist.

    Simply call us on 8342 1233 for more information or to arrange a gift voucher.

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