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    Do you ever feel the more running you do the harder the ground feels?

    Clients' reporting knee and feet pain from running is unfortunately all too common. These pains can be as minor as muscular, which will improve on its own or as serious as a stress fracture in your foot or leg. Therefore it is never a good idea to keep pushing through and hope it will go away.

    Sore knees or feet from running? The Physio Clinic: Prospect, Findon, Toorak Gardens, Blackwood / Belair

    Common causes of running pain:

    • Poor footwear
    • Poor training surfaces
    • Training overload
    • Tight muscles
    • Weak muscles (including through feet – “flat feet”)
    • Stiffness through joints
    • Poor hip control
    • Poor core stability

    It is not as simple to stop running to let the pain settle and then return as per usual. Rest doesn’t always solve the issue. As you can see from above there may be a variety of factors that need to be addressed.

    General management tips:

    • Warm up and cool down (walking, dynamic stretching)
    • Icing – post running sessions
    • Run on alternate days
    • Consider walking, cycling or swimming to coincide with a running program
    • Run on soft surfaces
    • Shoes with a supportive heel

    If you are experiencing pain associated from running, a physiotherapist can help to manage the acute phase of the injury and then look to implement a rehabilitation plan with an aim to prevent recurrence and ensure you spend more time on the running track.

    Kristian Ricci – Physiotherapist

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