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    Ben Corso Director of the Physio Clinic recently presented a workshop on hip pain and rehabilitation to a group of Dutch Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists in Amsterdam in 2017 through Movemento. Below is a patient centred summary of the information presented.

    Did you know that hip pain is actually very common especially in the over 50s age group. Often the reason it hurts at night is that if you lie on your side you are still putting pressure on your hips!

    Common symptoms include:

    • Pain over the outside of your hip
    • Referral pain down the outside of your thigh, into the top of your lower leg and it can refer into the buttock and groin
    • Pain when laying in bed, on painful side or other side with leg hanging over the other
    • Pain walking uphills/stairs
    • Pain standing on one leg to dress
    • Sometimes painful to sit if severe, and first few steps when getting up

    Is it arthritis?

    There may be arthritis on an x-ray if your doctor has sent you for one but this is not always the cause of your hip pain the most common causes are:

    • Lack of exercise
    • Increasing weight
    • Poor postural habits such as crossing your legs too much or standing with all your weight on one leg such as when talking to friends at a party
    • Poor footwear

    Do I need a scan?

    The answer is probably not straight away, there is good evidence that a physiotherapy program incorporating strengthening exercise and weight reduction can significantly improve pain and function so the answer is seek treatment before seeking a scan.

    Do I need an injection?

    This is something that may be recommended by your doctor.
    The research evidence suggests that at best in the short term a steroid gives some benefit but in the long term the benefit is no different to physiotherapy.

    In fact of most concern having an injection in the longer term may actually be harmful with evidence suggesting that outcomes are worse and recurrent rates are higher and healthcare costs are higher compared to no injection and physiotherapy. So again the recommendation is to seek treatment before an injection.

    The good news?

    Research has shown that an exercise program for your hip is more likely to give a positive response after 12 weeks with at least 8-12 sessions.

    You are more likely to do your exercises and get better results if you are guided by a physiotherapist rather than just follow a leaflet or read 'Dr Google!'

    You're also more likely to gain better results if you exercise in a group.

    A combination of aerobic, endurance, resistance and balance exercises are best, they must be performed 3-4 times per week and over 12 weeks for best results.

    So what can I do on a daily basis to help myself?

    • If you sleep on your side try a pillow between your legs
    • When sitting try not to sit in a low chair or cross your legs for long periods of time
    • When standing try not to ‘hang on one hip’ that is try to stand with even weight on both legs
    • Start a simple exercise program such as walking but make sure you have good cushioned footwear and avoid hills and stairs.

    See your physio today to start a specific exercise program and say goodbye to hip pain!

    The Physio Clinic has qualified physiotherapists that specialise in treating hip pain.

    Simply phone 8342 1233 for an initial appointment at one of our four locations across Adelaide or click below to book a physio online.

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