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    With Adelaide’s leading fun run just around the corner it’s time to put the final touches into your training regime.

    Whether you’re an avid runner, walker or first timer it’s important to prepare both body and mind for any physical challenge. When we participate in events that challenge our physical ability, our body experiences an increase in levels of anxiety and anticipation.

    What plans can we put in place to ‘control’ these physiological changes?

    As individuals, we all respond differently to various ‘control techniques’ so it’s vital to identify what works best for you before an event. The following techniques can be used to help prepare your mind and give yourself the best chance of success:

    • Listen to your favorite playlist
    • Arrive early
    • Take time out to sit in a quiet place
    • Find a quote that inspires you every day
    • Warm up and get active before heading to the start line
    • Have a laugh with friends
    • Self-talk in a positive, inspiring way
    • Close your eyes and visualize your performance

    No one can tell you which technique is best for you so it is important to put yourself in situations pre-event, as this will allow you to practice and respond. Over the next few weeks look for environments that make you uncomfortable and practice becoming comfortable through control techniques.

    Pushing Performance group run

    Push your performance with a wellness coach:

    The Physio Clinic have recently teamed up with Pushing Performance Health and Fitness who help people become fitter, faster and stronger through their personal training and tailored programs.

    Pushing Performance are offering a complimentary consultation with a wellness coach, this September to:

    • Discuss the City to Bay event
    • Identify possible barriers
    • Assist you to improve performance

    Simply phone 1300 000 348 or email to take up this offer.

    Pushing Performance
    242 Prospect Road
    Prospect SA

    All the best on race day!

    Pushing Performance Logo