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    Winter can be a time that we all tend to hibernate due to the cold weather, shorter days and this often leads to a lack of motivation.

    Taking small steps towards feeling well during the winter months doesn’t have to be difficult.

    If you need support to get started, our physio’s can provide you with the motivation you may be looking for – to stay active during winter and keep on top of your aches and pains.

    The most recent research reveals that physiotherapy and the exercise programs that physio’s prescribe are:

    1. More effective than medication for managing hip and knee arthritis
    2. More effective in managing a range of shoulder problems than surgery
    3. One of the most effective treatments for pelvic floor incontinence

    This evidence suggests that physiotherapists are the ‘go to’ health professionals, in promoting health, injury prevention and wellness.

    Here’s our top four tips to stay on top of your health this winter:

    1. Join a Pilates class. Pilates offers low impact, core-strength based exercises. Both individual and group session classes are run by our qualified physiotherapists at The Physio Clinic in our locations near Adelaide. Joining a class often helps motivation levels as it becomes a routine and one quickly forgets about the outside weather.
    2. Treat yourself to a Massage. Relax, destress and unwind with a massage. Your 30 or 60-minute session can be tailored to suit your needs. Child-minding facilities are available from our Prospect Clinic to give you some time out from the kids, if needed.
    3. See a Physiotherapist. Sort out those aches and pains before they take over. Prevention is often the best cure and especially in the cold weather when we tend to be less active.
    4. Try Hydrotherapy. A heated pool can be a great environment to exercise in during the cold winter months as well as helping to relieve your joint aches and pains. Our qualified physiotherapists can take you through an individual program that suits you and meets your goals.

    Further steps to wellness can be as simple as things like starting an indoor exercise routine daily at home, or rug up and go for a walk with a friend or the family dog on a routine basis – rain, hail or shine!

    What steps will choose to bring about wellness this winter?

    Choose Wellness this Winter – The Physio Clinic, Prospect SA