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    Are you starting to notice sore shoulders doing your usual gym exercises and weights?

    Problems often occur when increasing your weights or changing your exercises, especially if your program hasn’t been set up by a health professional.

    If you are noticing pain on movement, particularly overhead or pain waking you up at night, you can try a few things:

    • Avoid doing any weights above eye level.
    • Change from weights to elastic bands to do your exercises for a while, until things settle, then build back up slowly.
    • Apply an ice pack on your shoulder for 10 mins after exercise or before bed to settle it before going off to sleep.
    • Sleep with pillows supporting your shoulders at night.
    • Seek advice from a health professional e.g. a physiotherapist for the most appropriate treatment and exercises.

    The Physio Clinic has qualified physiotherapists that treat shoulder pain and plan effective gym routines to minimise injury.

    Simply phone 8342 1233 for an initial appointment at one of our locations across Adelaide or click below to book a physio online.

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