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    Knees can often ache a little when getting out of bed in the morning, getting up from sitting or even causing you to walk less due to pain.

    The cooler weather often contributes to people being less active and this means the blood circulating through the body is not as warm. Lack of warmth and long periods of inactivity can lessen the muscle strength and support around the knees – making them weaker. Many people don’t notice until it’s too late that this can contribute to long-term knee pain.

    The good news is that improved knee function and pain relief can be achieved indoors, even in the cold weather.

    Based on the latest research, there is good evidence for the effectiveness of hydrotherapy for knee arthritis and pain if performed over a 6-12 week period. It has been shown to improve knee function and reduce pain compared to having no treatment.

    • Hydrotherapy provides a great way to exercise safely and comfortably in winter and is fantastic for knees.
    • The water is a comfortable 32 degrees, which your tight and sore muscles will love.
    • Due to the buoyancy, you will feel the relief of pressure off your joints.

    It is recommended is to use hydrotherapy as the first part of a longer exercise program for knee osteoarthritis.

    So if you’re suffering from knee pain and want to say goodbye to achey knees in the morning or stretch that walk out further without paying for it after, hydrotherapy can be a great solution.

    We offer hydrotherapy sessions supervised by fully qualified physiotherapists at each of our four locations (North, South, East and West of Adelaide).

    Get back to work, sport and life faster

    For more information about hydrotherapy or to set up your first session, please call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233.

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