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    Pilates is a safe, effective and fun form of exercise to help strengthen the body and rehabilitate from injury.

    However, sometimes people feel pain in different areas when performing their Pilates exercises and this either means the correct body technique and posture is not being used or the core muscles are not being activated during the exercises.

    The core muscles include the transverse abdominis (around your abdomen), multifidus (along your spine), diaphragm and pelvis floor muscles.

    Chi Ball used in PilatesOne way to learn how to correctly activate and also strengthen the core muscles is to use a Chi Ball. A Chi Ball is a small 15-20 cm inflatable ball and is a very versatile piece of Pilates equipment that can be used in many different exercises.

    Using a Chi Ball under your pelvis provides an unstable surface, which automatically activates your core muscles whilst you do a series of leg movements. This can help to learn correct neutral spine posture and muscle control, which ideally is then transferred to all of your other Pilates exercises to prevent pain.

    Try this Chi Ball exercise in your next Pilates class:

    1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, hip width apart and in a symmetrical position
    2. Place a Chi Ball under the centre of your pelvis
    3. Have your palms facing up and relax your shoulders
    4. Slowly lift one knee up to a 90 degree bend in your hip and knee, whilst remaining steady around your abdomen
    5. Then slowly lower your leg down
    6. Repeat with the other leg

    This exercise should be pain-free. Ask the supervising physiotherapist or Pilates instructor during class for help with using a Chi Ball.

    Sarah Biermann – Physiotherapist

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