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    Whenever injury occurs to the neck or back, there are muscles associated with the area that become tight. If these areas are not treated or managed during injury, a knot can form in the muscle.

    A knot is a tight band or group of fibers in a muscle that has contracted – as a result of injury or dysfunction, and has been unable to release to its normal length. They are usually hard on palpation, tender and sore. Most of the time these knots cannot be released by just stretching and require further attention. This is when trigger point therapy can be used.

    What is trigger point therapy?

    Trigger point therapy is a technique used by physiotherapists to loosen knots, create blood flow, stimulate healing and reduce pain. The technique involves applying a sustained force to a taught band of muscle (knot) in order to lengthen the muscle and promote direct blood flow.

    This manual lengthening of the muscle can help restore the range of movement and reduce pain around the area. The increase in blood flow helps to stimulate healing by delivering substances such as collagen, which help repair damaged tissues. Although this technique can be sensitive and tender for some, it has the ability to be highly effective in almost every single muscle in the body.

    A home exercise technique that works well with trigger point release involves using a 'spikey ball' or 'back roller'. These products can be used to provide relief to the areas in which the trigger point is situated. By applying a sustained pressure to the muscle safely (which can be demonstrated by one of our physios) using one of these products, you can prolong and enhance the effects of a trigger point therapy treatment session. It's a great way to get on top of these areas before they become a problem again!

    We provide trigger point therapy treatments at all of our practices and can supply 'spikey balls' and 'back rollers' to help you get rid of those nasty trigger points and get your muscles moving and feeling like they should! Most trigger points can be treated effectively in a few appointments and can also be combined with other treatment techniques in the same session.

    Please contact The Physio Clinic if you would like more information on trigger point therapy. Our physios will be happy to help and answer any further questions you may have.

    Michael Wilson – Physiotherapist

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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