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    Have you been doing the same stretches for a while now and are getting bored? Or perhaps you can feel the stretch, but not in the part of the muscle you want to feel it in?

    Stretching is a general technique used to help lengthen a particular muscle or muscle group. Sometimes you may notice that there is a particular spot in a muscle that feels much tighter than the rest. These are called ‘trigger points’ and are usually unable to be treated by stretching. There is another solution to treating trigger points and it’s called dry needling.

    What is dry needling?

    Dry needling is a safe and easy way to deactivate trigger points in muscles. A thin needle is used to stimulate a ‘twitch response’ in the muscle belly, which increases blood flow to the affected area. This increases the rate of healing in the area so that the muscle can function properly again, thus reducing tightness. Needling can be safely applied to most muscles of the body, including the deeper muscles, which are sometimes hard to stretch or don’t benefit from massage or foam rolling.

    Trigger pointing tight spots in muscles with a ‘spikey ball’ can also be a good addition to your routine as it can have a similar effect to dry needling. By applying a pressure through the ball on a tight area of the muscle, you can stimulate increased blood flow to the area, which can also help with the healing response. Therefore we recommend a combination of dry needling, ‘spikey ball’ trigger pointing and stretching for those tight muscles.

    Dry needling is used at all of our clinics during normal appointment times. It can also be combined with other treatment techniques (such as massage) in the session – ensuring that you have the best possible opportunity to achieve great results in a shorter period of time.

    If you think that you would benefit from dry needling or would like some more information, all of our physios are trained in dry needling and are more than happy to talk to you in further detail about it during your next consult. We welcome you to call us at The Physio Clinic and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Michael Wilson – Physiotherapist

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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