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    Hydrotherapy is a term thrown about a lot by health professionals branded as a magic form of exercise. But what is it? And will it be helpful to you?

    Short answer: It is exercising in water and yes it can help you.

    If you struggle to exercise effectively on land due to pain, poor balance or weakness then hydrotherapy is for you. Even if you just want to increase your fitness, our physiotherapists can show you a range of safe and challenging exercises to get the most out of your pool session.

    How does it work? Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to augment exercise. 1.

    Buoyancy: This is the lifting effect equal to the amount of water you displace. At neck level, 90% of your weight is supported. Buoyancy is especially important for people who can’t take their whole body weight whether that be due to pain, discomfort or to surgery.

    Hydrostatic pressure: This is pressure exerted by a fluid on anything immersed in it. It acts like a compression bandage around sore, swollen limbs. This is helpful for people who tend to have limb swelling during exercise or who have remaining swelling following injury or surgery.

    Temperature: The warm temperature of our hydrotherapy pools assists muscles to relax and achieve further range. This is perfect for improving flexibility and an added bonus for cold fish!

    We run 30 minute classes with a maximum of six people to allow the physiotherapist to closely supervise each program. The physiotherapist will write a program specifically addressing your needs which will be modified as your skill level increases.

    If hydrotherapy interests you, speak to your treating physiotherapist about whether it will complement your treatment plan or just call us to book a session. We have numerous convenient class times across our locations so we are sure to have one to suit.

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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