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    Many pregnant women are confused about exercise recommendations during pregnancy and sometimes as a result feel the need to reduce or stop their existing exercise regime prematurely out of fear of harming their baby.

    Fortunately the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy are actually to continue existing exercise regimes. This ensures that your body continues what it is accustomed to be doing and therefore receives the benefits of exercise with minimal risk. It also means that an increase in exercise during pregnancy should be limited during the early stages of pregnancy and then carefully monitored afterwards.

    The benefits of exercise can make your baby more alert and readily self-quieted after birth, and can improve its tolerance to stress before and after labor.

    If you are interested in starting exercise, or altering your existing regime to suit you and your baby’s needs. Pregnancy Pilates is a good way to ensure that you are achieving the best results in a safe environment. A physiotherapist will supervise you doing your exercises, and ensure there are necessary changes made to suit your changing body and the comfort of the baby as it grows.

    *Please note that women who should be particularly cautious starting exercise include those who have cardiac disease, high blood pressure or have pregnancy complications. Prior to commencement of classes, a physiotherapist will determine whether it is safe for you to commence pregnancy Pilates.

    Yen Nguyen

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