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    Do you suffer from back pain and worry about why it isn’t going away or always come back? You only have to search the internet to hear about all the horror stories as to what may be causing your back pain.... slipped disc, pinched nerve, CANCER!

    Back pain and related symptoms rank among the second most frequent medical complaints, the first being the common cold.  It has a lifetime prevalence of approximately 80% meaning 4 in 5 people will experience back pain at some stage in their life.

    However, be rest assured that cancer is one of the least common causes for back related symptoms (less than 1%), and symptoms typically originate from the joints, ligaments and surrounding muscles. There are many reasons why people develop back pain. It may relate to an injury (e.g. lifting, sport, car accident) or may slowly develop over time (e.g. may relate to posture or work habits, deconditioning, and sedentary lifestyle). Some people even suffer bouts of symptoms, whereby their pain may return every few months or years, letting them down when it comes to enjoying work, sport and life.

    The first step to managing your back pain it to thoroughly assess the history of your symptoms and perform a physical examination (e.g. look at your posture, spinal movement, core strength). Together with your GP a decision is made regarding the source of your symptoms and the best course of management. Sometimes scans or x-rays may be used to assist the diagnosis, and medication may be used to help control pain.

    Back pain is the most frequent presentation to any Physiotherapist, and management for those which relate to the muscles, joints or nerves will typically involve hands-on treatment, advice and exercises. Pilates is a common form of exercise to treat your back and help prevent re-occurrences.

    At The Physio Clinic our Physiotherapist are specifically trained in Pilates, and there are onsite Pilates classes using the latest equipment. If you suffer from back pain talk to your Physiotherapist today about how you can best manage your back.

    Matt Curnow

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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