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    The wrist and hand region is made up of over 30 small bones and numerous tendons and ligaments. The hands are crucial when playing golf due to the bilateral (both hands) gripping action. The way we grip the club will determine our swing path and ultimately the effectiveness of our shot making.

    The wrist helps to stabilise the hand when gripping the golf club. They are important in the ‘cock up’ phase of the backswing and wrist release at impact with the golf ball. The hands are also important in developing ‘feel’ for the short game. Common injuries in these areas can develop such as: tendonitis, ligament tears, joint sprains and fractures.

    Factors leading to wrist and hand injuries in golf include:

    • Gripping the golf club too tightly with poor grip position and swing technique
    • Excessive forceful contact with the ground i.e. taking heavy divots
    • Worn or wet grips requiring tighter grip
    • Shafts that are too ‘stiff’
    • Excessive practice/playing without adequate warm up
    • Reduced strength in the hand/forearm muscles
    • Tightness in the hand/forearm muscles
    • Stiffness in the upper back requiring increased use of the hands during the swing

    Effective ways to manage and prevent wrist and hand injuries in golf include:

    • Rest from aggravating factors
    • Physiotherapy:  massage, stretching and strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff muscles using elastic bands, free weights and pulleys
    • Physiotherapy: 3D golf swing analysis and/or golf assessment
    • Seeking advice from your Golf Professional regarding your swing technique and grip modification
    • Checking equipment – ensure grips and glove are in good condition

    Making sure you stretch your forearms and wrists before, during and after playing and practicing golf,  and breaking up your practice routines.

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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