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    The golf swing requires co-ordination, rhythm, balance, stability and control and an emphasis on strength and flexibility. Golf and Pilates are therefore very compatible.

    Pilates is a form of exercise that has been accepted by physiotherapists and the fitness industry as a way of improving core stability, which is the strength and stability of the muscles in the lower back, abdominal region and pelvic floor. It is commonly used as an alternative to gym and weight-training programs to improve strength, flexibility, posture, muscle tone, balance and co-ordination.

    There are various ways to perform Pilates exercises. One is with a floor mat and no equipment. Other methods use gym balls, theraband (elastic tubing) and equipment such as a reformer (spring loaded bench) and trapeze table.

    The benefits of Pilates for golf include:

    • Exercises are low impact and suit golfers of all age and fitness levels
    • Aids prevention of and recovery from injury, especially spinal problems
    • Improves strength, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and precision which are key components to good golf
    • Increases body and postural awareness essential to playing consistent golf

    When you as a golfer develop awareness of moving from your core first you will initiate every shot or putt from the same place leading to an increase in repeatable and consistent shot making. As well as this, having increased flexibility through your spine will allow you to get the most out of your backswing and follow through, resulting in less force through the arms.

    Ben Corso

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