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    There are conflicting theories whether it is better for individuals to breath in or out during the most effortful part of a Pilates exercise with some advocating for one over the other for various reasons.

    The main key of doing Pilates well is to make sure that you are breathing in general and not holding your breath with effort. The reason this is important, is to make sure you are training your stabilising muscles to be able to work well when you are doing normal day to day activities, as well as activities that are perceived as difficult. During our activities of daily living, we generally will not hold our breath, and so training our muscles in this way makes it more difficult to transition the strength you gain from your Pilates session, into day to day life.

    When practising Pilates at home, always make sure you are breathing easily and naturally through all your exercises. This will take practise but persistence and not squeezing your abdominals too hard is the key.

    If you find yourself still having trouble, a trained physiotherapist at our clinic will be able to walk you through the technique.

    For more information, call us now on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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