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    From childhood through to the elderly, the human body undergoes many changes as it grows and deteriorates. During adolescence in particular, our bodies are prone to different injuries in comparison to fully matured adults.

    As adults, our bones have fully matured and strengthened, and have the ability to take large forces and impact. As a result, adults are more prone to ligament and muscle strains as these structures are more susceptible to overload. In the adolescent population, this differs dramatically. As the growth plates of adolescent bones are yet to mature, it is these points that are often more weak than the muscles and ligaments themselves, predisposing children to avulsion and growth plate type fractures.

    These fractures can be quite severe not only in terms of short term pain and dysfunction, but can limit the growth of limbs in the long run.

    If your child has experienced a severe blow or trauma to a limb, seek the advice of your physiotherapist or general practitioner, as these conditions are best identified early to minimise risk of long term complications.

    For more information, call The Physio Clinic on on 8342 1233

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