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    Running is one of the best ways of getting fit and is among one of the leading participation sports in Australia. In lead up to the city bay, whether you are involved in sport, a casual runner or elite athlete, running, due to its ‘high impact’ can  produce a variety of injuries. The good news is, these injuries are highly preventable and treatable.

    Running has a wide range of health benefits including increased fitness, strength, bone strength, weight loss as well as mental wellbeing.

    To get the most from your running and minimise injury:

    Don’t overtrain – too many injuries occur as a result of too much intensity, too many kilometres, and too soon. Allow your body adequate time between runs

    Warm up and warm down – integral for injury prevention and optimising performance during your run and for future runs

    Rest and recover – the body needs time to reload to perform its best, listen to your body to ensure optimal performance

    Wear appropriate footwear – ensure that your footwear is best for your foot type. Your local podiatrist can assist you with the best shoe for you

    Stay hydrated – it is important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after running

    Stretch regularly – especially after running, this cannot be emphasized enough to help reduce injury risk

    Good core control – weak deep abdominal muscles can lead to injuries further along your body especially to your back and lower limb. Consult your local physiotherapist for an appropriate and specific core stability program

    Despite preventative routines reducing the risk of injury, injuries can still occur. If the pain from an injury associated with running does not improve after a couple of days, it is best to contact your locals physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment and management for you to help you get back running as quickly as possible.

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