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    Who said you need strong legs to be a good golfer? Isn’t it all in the arms?

    A strong building needs a strong foundation, and the golf swing is no different. After Tom Watson lost the 2009 British Open to Stewart Cink in extra holes, he said, “I had no legs in the playoff”. Without the stability, balance and drive that strong legs provide, the sequence of motion is disrupted, and it’s impossible to find good rhythm. Let’s learn more about the importance of using your legs….

    Golfers who overuse or overemphasise the work that their legs do during their swing have just as many problems as those who don’t use them. If you want to be a more consistent player you need to have a stable base and try to eliminate excess movement during your swing. A quieter lower body is critical to gaining that consistency.

    During the backswing your legs should actually react and resist your upper body rotation and arm swing. Properly executed, your shoulders should rotate about 90 degrees and your hips remain facing the ball. You need strong hips to allow the proper weight transfer to occur, proper forward motion, strong impact position and a full finish. Without this leg strength you won’t have the foundation to support your swing or last those long rounds.

    At The Physio Clinic we offer detailed assessments of your golf posture and swing, whilst screening for weakness that may let your swing down. For the lower body we specifically look for strong hips, good balance, and the ability to hold your posture through your swing.

    Ben Corso

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

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