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    Shoulder turn in the golf swing is commonly mistaken for movement that occurs at the shoulders. In fact the movement actually occurs from your spine or mid back otherwise known as your thoracic spine.

    The ability to rotate the hips and shoulders independently enables golfers to generate a hidden power source that can be coiled in the core during the golf downswing. This is one of the physical skills that golf pros execute naturally that the club golfer really struggles with.

    The following tests assess the skill of independent hip and shoulder rotation.


    • Set the hips and legs square against a club across a doorway and turn the shoulders left and then right
    • The golfer shoulder should be able to turn the shoulders 45 degrees without the hips turning


    • Place a club under the armpits with the arms hung backwards over it, the club should cross the shoulder blades
    • Sit with the hips and legs pointing straight forward. Do not allow them to move or twist
    • The golfer should be able to turn the club 45 degrees without it losing contact with either side of the back

    A common error golfers make is letting the hips or shoulders rotate despite trying to keep them square. Pain shouldnot be felt in any of these exercises. If the golfer feels pain then they should ease off to a point where all they feel is a gentle stretch.

    Ben Corso

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