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    Struggling with your golf swing’s tempo? Are your shots going in every direction and not hitting them sweet?

    Maybe you should try swinging the club more like a girl?

    If you’re looking to improve you shot consistency and ability to control the flight of the ball, then you should consider slowing you tempo down. This will allow you to better sync your arms and body so that your club head follows a consistent flight path through the swing. A smooth and well-timed swing enables you to strike the centre of the club face more consistently and have more control over the club face angle at impact. Don’t be concerned about losing the power in your shots.

    This is why we advise you “swing like a girl”. Their tempo is controlled and they never try and overpower any shot.

    A nice drill is to practice a slo-motion swing. Tone down the speed of your shot by 20-30%, and try to exaggerate the swing action a little more into the back swing and follow through. Still try to keep the entire swing “connected”, and don’t pause at the top of the back swing. Smooth and fluid movement should be the focus.

    Once you have hit a few consistent shots with good distance and accuracy, increase the speed back to your normal tempo. You may start to lose accuracy again as your swing goes out of sync, just back off again and slow down.

    Be patient! It takes time and repetition for your body to learn a more fluent way to move, but the results are well worth it.

    Let us know how you go!

    Ben Corso

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