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    Golf shoes are important to the success of your game, especially when you consider how far you can walk in a round and that foot position and traction are critical to a good swing. But what shoe is better suited to you? There is often an entire shelf stacked with fancy shoes, all promising miracle cures for your golfing troubles.

    Here are a few tips when it comes to selecting the right golf shoe:

    Golf shoe fit:

    • Measure your feet. It is common to have one larger foot, and you need to get a size suited to this foot. Try to leave 1-2cm space at the end of the shoe to allow foot movement.
    • When trying on golf shoes wear the type of shoes you would be using on the course.
    • Stand in the shoes and rise onto your toes. The shoe should bend and crease where your foot wants to bend, not above and below as this can restrict foot mobility.
    • Golf shoes are often tighter around the middle, compared to normal sports shoes. This provides greater support to the foot whilst swinging.

    Golf shoe waterproofing:

    • Depending on the conditions of your course you may want to consider a waterproof shoe. They are often more expensive but much more comfortable when wet.
    • Synthetic leather shoes tend not to breath as well as leather. This can make it uncomfortable on those hot days.

    Golf shoe style:

    • Choose the style that feels most comfortable…. Not the one that looks the best!
    • If they are not comfortable in the store, imagine what they will be like after walking 4-5km in a round?

    Some shoes offer arch support suited to different foot types. When it comes to deciding on the amount of support and the style of shoe it pays to have some professional advice before investing in the wrong pair of shoes. A Physiotherapist or Podiatrist can offer you good advice about your foot type and the best shoe type for you.

    Particularly if you suffer sore knees, hips or back with you golf, sometimes the right shoe can make all the difference to other aches and pains in the legs. Talk to your Physiotherapist today about the right shoe for you.

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

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