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    Some days, a round of golf makes you feel great, while others you just cant wait to get to the 19th hole. Many golfers finish 18 holes with aches and pains in their feet, but this can be prevented if well looked after.

    Foot pain in golfers can occur for several reasons. Have you regularly been using a cart and now you have decided to walk? Have you been carrying your golf bag? Have you recently changed golf shoes? Are you golf shoes too old?

    Your golf swing itself can also play a role in foot pain, as you transfer your weight between your legs through different phases of the swing. As a result, your stance may then adapt to avoid pain, reducing your balance and altering your swing.

    Weight is transferred from your back foot to front foot at impact. If both feet or one foot is sore, you are going to have a different weight transfer. This is because you are trying to avoid pain and your timing at impact can go off.

    The best ways to manage your feet with golf are to invest in a quality pair of shoes, as well as looking at your swing mehcanics.

    Some shoes offer arch support suited to different foot types. Most golf shoes have basic insoles that provide minimal foot support. Custom orthotic inserts provide best relief.

    Your local physiotherapist can provide you with a stretching and/ or strengthening program if they have assessed minute changes in your lower limb biomechanics that could be cause you to experience sore feet. Golf 3D analysis is a way of providing you with accurate biomechanical feedback to make corrections to your golf swing to keep you out on the golf course.

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