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    Many people experience pain on the outside of their hip for numerous reasons. Rightly so, people often get quite concerned about the source of the pain and worry about needing to have hip surgery. For some it may just be a small niggle, while for others it can develop into a more debilitating problem.

    Hip pain can present in a number of different ways. Pain originating from your hip joint will commonly spread into your groin, buttock and/or thigh extending as far as the knee.

    Pain on the outside of your hip, in the absence of any other symptoms, is most likely related to the tendons which attach in the area, rather than referred pain from your hip joint. Your lower back can also spread pain to the outside of your hip however, so it is very important that your Physiotherapist performs a thorough assessment to determine exactly what part of your body is causing your pain and why.

    Pain on the outside of the hip, or “lateral hip pain” is more common in females (as they have a wider pelvis), who are of middle age and especially if they have suddenly increased their activity levels.

    Management includes massage of the surrounding muscles for pain relief, activity modification to avoid aggravating positions (e.g. sleeping with a pillow between your legs and avoiding crossing your legs), and most importantly, an individualised strengthening program for specific hip and pelvic muscles. Exercise therapy is vital to sustaining the results of any hands-on treatment. Exercises can be performed as part of a home program, hydrotherapy or gym rehabilitation, depending on how bad your pain is, how weak the muscles are and your goals.

    If you think you are experiencing lateral hip pain, the experienced Physiotherapists at The Physio Clinic can help you determine the source of this pain, what you can do to manage it and how you can get back to work, sport and life faster.

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

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