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    The expression reverse pivot describes the way body weight is transferred throughout the golf swing. Why is weight transfer so important? Isn’t it all about the club speed and a good back swing?

    Research tells us that the lower body contributes a lot to the ability to generate power during the golf swing. A golfer who uses their hips and transfers their body weight correctly will not only increase their swing performance but also reduce their injury risk significantly.

    In the ideal world when you move into your back swing you should transfer weight onto your back leg. This allows you to transfer the forwards momentum of your lower body through to the club head at ball impact. This isn’t different to a baseball pitcher who lifts their front leg as they “wind up”, then steps forwards as they throw the ball.

    With a reverse pivot swing, the opposite happens whereby weight is transferred forwards during the back swing and the head moves forwards (as shown). This leads to a rocking action during the swing, which causes jarring forces through the lower back and legs, not to mention a poor swing power! It can often lead to many compensations, particularly those who still try to achieve the same shot distance and power. Sore shoulder, elbow or hips? This may be due to a reverse pivot action.

    So how do I know if I am reverse pivoting?

    Together with your clubs golf pro, we can analyse your golf swing to determine if you have a reverse pivot technique or could better utilise weight transfer. We offer a detailed 3D Golf Swing Analysis which uses the latest technology to screen your technique and identify your strengths and weaknesses which may pose a risk to injury or limit performance.

    Ben Corso

    To learn more about the 3D Golf Swing Analysis phone The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

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