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    Have you ever suffered or been told by a medical practitioner that you have ‘tendinitis’ or a ‘tendinopathy’? You are not alone. This is a common injury that occurs at many areas of your body. Classic examples include tennis elbow, and achillies tendinopathy.

    ‘Tendinopathy’ means ‘pathology of the tendon’. This can occur from a vast array of reasons, but the primary reason is due to overload.

    Overload or increased tendon load can be due to a number of different factors. A sudden increase in activity or return to activity after a period of rest can often be enough to set off a tendon injury. This may be starting your pre-season sports training, or getting back to the gym to increase fitness.

    Equally, a change in activity can set of a tendon response. For people who walk regularly, a change to running can increase the load bearing through the tendon, putting the structure at higher risk of overload.

    Often activities of repetitive nature illicit a tendon overload response. Tasks such as typing or mousework day to day in poor positions is sometimes enough to set off a tennis elbow tendinopathy.

    The latest research emerging in tendon injury management suggests that exercise therapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process. The research strongly supports the prescription of isometric or static exercises, as a safe way to strengthen the tendon without overload. A good example may be holding yourself up on your tippy toes for 30 seconds in a static position to improve achillies strength, rather than repeating x20 calf raises.

    With any tendinopathy, it is also very important to settle and manage symptoms. Ice packs, heel lifts, braces and tape are all effective tools we offer at The Physio Clinic to promote healing and off-load tendon forces.

    If you think you may be experiencing a tendinopathy, come in and see us. We can apply the most recent research to assist you on your way to recovery and getting you back to work, sport and life faster.

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

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