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    Rushing around the supermarket getting the last minute groceries for Christmas lunch? Lugging your bags full of presents down Rundle Mall? Lifting and carrying heavy loads can cause an overload through your shoulders, increasing the risk of shoulder pain and injury.

    The shoulder is a complex joint which moves in many different directions. It requires muscular control and stability through your shoulder blade for optimal function. When the shoulder is overloaded, the tendons and muscles which provide support can be comprised, leading to pain and dysfunction.

    Posture plays a large roll in shoulder function, so when lifting and carrying heavy items try not to slouch. Instead, think of elongating your spine and drawing your shoulders down and back.

    Where possible, reduce the load you are lifting. Take a few trips back to the boot of the car to unload the groceries, rather than lifting all the bags at once. The extra 2 minutes work may save your back and shoulders.

    Head position is also of vital importance when using our arms. Many of us tend to have rounded shoulders with our chin poking forward due to a lack of endurance in our deep neck flexor muscles. When lifting and carrying, think about drawing your neck back to hold a ball under your chin to activate these muscles.

    Considering these simple changes may help prevent shoulder and upper back pain, so keep them in mind during the Christmas rush. There are a number of exercises and stretches that can be done to maintain these changes, so speak with your physiotherapist today to find out what works best for your body.

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