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    Whether you are breast feeding, expressing or feeding with a bottle you are likely to get a sore neck. Your husband is likely to get a sore neck too - from looking down at your new precious bundle of joy!

    Feeding is hard work and sitting in sustained postures and positions, let alone the size of your bust pulling you forward, is going to put a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders.

    Here are some useful tips and exercises to help with relieving and preventing pain in the neck and shoulders:

    Set yourself up before feeding:

    • Before you set up to feed, ensure you have the baby up to you not you coming forward to the baby, so a pillow under your arms really helps this
    • Ensure you relax your shoulders and loosen then on a regular basis during feeds

    Stretch after feeds:

    • Tilt your ear to your shoulder, reach over with the arm you are leaning towards and gently stretch by pulling down. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.
    • Bow and Arrow exercise: Sit with your arms out horizontal at 90 degrees,  now push your right hand forward as your left hand pulls back (as if you are pulling back a string on a bow), relax and repeat on the other side 3-5 times. 

    Feeding should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If pain persists, seek physiotherapy advice and treatment.

    For more information call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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