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    Total Hip and Knee Replacements are two common forms of treatment used by Orthopaedic Specialists for significant hip and knee pain, most commonly from Osteoarthritis and other hip and knee problems. 

    A complete recovery following surgery takes months and a thorough rehabilitation is vital to help you achieve your functional goals and return to the activities you love most. Whilst you have a brand new hip or knee joint, the muscles surrounding the joint that have commonly deconditioned over long periods of time leading up to your surgery are the same and won't return to their full functional capacity unless you exercise them.

    Rehabilitation involves several stages, from your initial inpatient rehabilitation in hospital, to basic home exercises and then on to more advanced land-based exercises. Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to transition from your initial inpatient rehabilitation, to a more challenging land-based exercise program. The warmth of the water, the buoyancy and gentle resistance make hydrotherapy an ideal environment for you in those initial stages of your recovery and rehabilitation, both in regards to pain management and also the degree of difficulty of exercises.

    At The Physio Clinic we have close relationships with many South Australia's leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and have a strong focus on both inpatient and outpatient Orthopaedic rehabilitation. We run hydrotherapy classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and early evenings at Calvary College Grove Rehabilitation Hospital.

    If you have had a Total Hip or Knee Replacement and think we could help you, call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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