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    Meet Chris!About Chris Hadjinicolaou

    Chris graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry) from the University of South Australia. He is currently consulting at our Blackwood clinic and working within the hospital team. Chris is passionate about finding the cause of your problem and working with you to reach your best outcome. He also has further training in Dry Needling, Strain Counterstrain and various courses relating to muscular patterns in the body.

    Chris’ Story:

    Ok, let’s get this bit out of the way; it’s pronounced Had-gin-ik-oh-lau and it’s Greek. “You don’t look Greek?” I’m from northern Greece/Macedonia, “Ahhhhh.”

    That sums up most of my life story, but you’re reading this bit to find out about the Physio side of things.

    I. Love. Physio. Ask my mates; they’re sick of me prattling on about it. However this love story wasn’t all glamour. I was once a young man with my heart set on being a surgeon. I knew from a young age that my hands were destined to be used for something fantastic and I thought that that would be medicine.

    I went along with my undergraduate studies, learning about the deeper intricacies of the body and the mind, and I was reaffirmed that medicine was the answer.

    It wasn’t until I took a break from studying to explore the world a bit more, that I discovered the world of Physio. I had met an Australian Physio in the middle of Germany and they told me their story. I realised that the life they had led, the diversity of people they encountered, the good they had done, wasn’t dissimilar to that of a doctor; if anything it was way cooler.

    So, I did my further research into the profession - I wasn’t about to make a major life decision on the word of a random; more info was required. I confirmed that Physio would be cool, and applied.

    From my very first day of Physio school, to my last, I knew I had made the right decision and I have no intention of looking back.

    Not a conventional story by far, but I hope it showed you a bit about me. I’m still very passionate about my profession and this rings true with my day-to-day practice.

    Lastly, if that thing between your hip and your ankle is bothering you, let me know if you kneed assistance. Puns are great!

    Chris Hadjinicolaou – Physiotherapist

    The Physio Clinic
    Phone: 8342 1233 or click below to book your appointment online at one of our four locations across Adelaide.

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