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    Are you noticing some of your golf shots are starting to look like cricket shots?

    Golf Swing Analysis – The Physio Clinic Adelaide SAFeel like you are hitting off the back foot too often?

    The issue could be a lack of flexibility through your hips and spine and poor transfer of your weight.

    If you are performing a regular stretching program to maintain your flexibility this will help rotate your shoulders and hips correctly and assist with even weight distribution. This will allow you to generate more power through the ball and minimise the risk of injury.

    Try these five top tips:

    1. Warm up before playing and practicing – 10 mins is enough. Start with a few stretches, have a few air swings and ideally hit a few balls.
    2. Make sure you practice little and often. Don’t hit too many balls at once and vary the clubs you practice with, alternating between long and short game practice.
    3. Consult your PGA professional for a swing analysis. This will identify the important areas to focus on so your head is not filled with too many different thoughts.
    4. Consult your physio to screen your golf body for any flexibility and strength issues. This will assist the physiotherapist in designing a golf specific program to address your strengths and weaknesses and ensure your body performs to its optimum when playing golf and minimise strain.
    5. Be consistent! It’s the best way to ensure your results consistently improve too.

    Enjoy your next day out on the green!

    At The Physio Clinic we offer detailed assessments of your golf posture and swing, whilst screening for weakness that may let your swing down. For the lower body we specifically look for strong hips, good balance, and the ability to hold your posture through your swing.

    Ben Corso

    For more information, call us on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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