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    With the rise in social media and the use of devices to communicate and entertain ourselves your child’s posture is more important than ever.

    effects of gaming on children's postureOne of the main causes of postural problems and pain complaints with children is the result of gaming and modern devices, rather than traditionally just carrying heavy backpacks and sitting in front of a desktop computer.

    Think of the weight in your child’s head and the force bearing down through your child’s spine when their head is sitting forward of their shoulders for prolonged periods. The weight and position at which the head rests combined with the length of time spent in that position impacts significantly on your child’s posture.

    This combined with increased study loads and hours spent behind a desk or computer screen and carrying heavy backpacks, postural problems can escalate and develop further into back pain, neck pain and headaches.

    On top of this, sudden growth spurts can cause the bone to grow at a faster rate than the muscles around them. This can again lead to pain and muscular tightness.

    What can you do?

    • Be observant about your child’s posture – if they are showing poor posture their gaming use may be playing a role.
    • Encourage them to be more active outside.
    • Encourage spending shorter periods of time gaming or changing positions regularly.
    • If your child is experiencing or complaining of pain due to these potential reasons, it is best to have them checked before symptoms become ongoing.
    • Seek the advice of your physiotherapist or general practitioner to determine if there are solutions to the problem.

    At the Physio Clinic, we are able to formally assess your child's aches and pains and give advice and treatment re avoiding pain and bad posture from gaming.

    For more information please contact The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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