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    You would think that the terms “toughen up” and “rub some dirt in it” are behind us, but it appears men are less likely to seek health treatment than women.

    We have always been told women on average live longer than men and it leads to an interesting question of why?

    • Himmelstein and Sanchez (2016) report that men feel they need to portray masculinity. These would include characteristics such as independence and bravery.
    • Asking for help may be considered as a weakness. However, how strong can one be when one is in pain or unwell?
    • Studies also show when a man eventually does attend to a health professional, it has usually been enforced by a loved one.

    All the evidence shows that with any condition or disease, early intervention is key.

    Why wait until it’s too late? As men, we are not expected to have all the answers. It is ok to ask questions and seek help when required. Male elite athletes have no issue with seeking health treatment to optimize their performance and they are considered some of our national heroes.

    At The Physio Clinic we want you to live a healthy lifestyle. Physiotherapists at any one of our four clinics will listen and talk in a safe environment. We want you to achieve your goals and not be limited by pain or weakness. There are answers to your issues and you are not alone.

    Himmelstein, M and Sanchez, D 2016, ‘Masculinity impediments: Internalized masculinity contributes to healthcare avoidance in men and women’, Journal of Health Psychology, vol. 21, no. 7, pp. 1283 – 1292.

    Kristian Ricci – Physiotherapist

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