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    As part of her research work conducted at the University of South Australia, our Neurological Physio Dr Michelle McDonnell has been invited to present her research at the Annual Clinical TMS conference in New York, 11-13 May 2018.

    TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Michelle has completed a number of research projects using this device to understand how the brain can reorganise and rewire itself after a stroke.

    Michelle has been invited to deliver a keynote lecture on the changes in the excitability levels of the brain both on the side affected by stroke and the opposite side of the brain too. This research is important to help us to develop new approaches to improving rehabilitation following stroke.

    Dr Michelle McDonnell using the non-invasive brain stimulation technique, TMS, with a study participant.

    Michelle using the non-invasive brain stimulation technique, TMS, with a study participant.

    Ben Corso will also be travelling in May, sharing his clinical expertise with physiotherapists in Europe. First stop, Linz in Austria where Ben has been invited to present a Master Class to experienced physiotherapists about muscle imbalance around the hip and pelvis.

    Following this, he will be returning to Amsterdam where he presented several courses last year, and will share his clinical expertise regarding the management of arthritis of the knee. Finally, he will be travelling to Milan to team up with Ted Jedynak.

    Ben and Ted presented a highly regarded session in March “Treating Knees with Ease” and planning will take place for their next education series…over an Italian coffee perhaps?

    Ben Corso physiotherapy workshop demonstration   Ben Corso and Ted Jedynak

    Ben and Ted during and after delivering an education session.