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    We all know we need to be more active but sometimes we don’t know where or how to start… Aiming to go to the gym everyday or cut out all carbohydrates and sugar with the aim to lose 10kg is setting up for failure as it is unrealistic.

    The key to success is accepting that being “healthy and active” is not for a defined time period e.g. 12 weeks, but is a lifelong change. To achieve success, it’s best to make little changes and take small steps towards changing your everyday routine.

    motivation for being active1. Start with small, specific and realistic goals

    • Aim to do one extra gym session, a walk or run every few weeks.
    • Take your gym clothes with you and get changed after work. This can make an after work or dinner walk much easier when you already have your shoes on ready to go!
    • Take the stairs at work and in public areas, not the elevator.
    • Walk during your lunch break.

    To make an active lifestyle more enjoyable, find a form of physical activity and exercise you enjoy! Some people enjoy being outdoors whereas others enjoy the gym. Remember, ‘physical activity’ is any physical movement we do, whereas ‘exercise’ is planned, structured, repetitive and intentional movement such as gym workouts or playing sports.

    2. Build on your momentum…

    • Beach walks or bush hikes on the weekend, or organise a regular night for a weekly walking group with friends.
    • Swimming laps or hydrotherapy classes for cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise.
    • Pilates or gym classes where you have a program or instructor to follow and can socially interact with others in the class.
    • Join a social sport team e.g. basketball, netball, tennis, squash.
    • Learn to dance in a local class.
    • Join your local gym.

    3. More ways to enjoy being active and make sure you stick to it!

    • Use a portable music player and earphones to listen to your favourite music while walking, running or doing the housework.
    • Meet a friend for exercise, which will also make you more accountable to attend and not let them down by cancelling!
    • Try different locations such as different beaches, hills, national parks or various local suburbs.
    • Use a pedometer to be competitive with yourself to increase your own steps everyday.
    • Do some movement while you watch your kids at training or sport e.g. walk laps of the oval, stretching, try some squats, lunges, push-ups on park bench.

    Diet is also highly important. Similar to giving your car the best fuel and oil for optimum function, give your body the best food for energy and function…

    4. Give yourself a challenge!

    Even if you simply pick your top 2-3 items from the ideas in this article and aim to do them consistently, you will be well on your way to increasing your activity and motivation levels.

    5. Don’t forget 'why' you want to be more active...

    There’s many benefits to being more active (too many to list)!

    • Improve your mood and emotions; cardiorespiratory function (heart and lungs); brain function and cognition; regulation of hormones; digestion and other internal organ function.
    • Reduce stress and improve your ability to cope with stress.
    • Help to maintain or reduce your body weight.

    Remembering why you are choosing to be more active can help increase your motivation levels. If you have an injury or health concern, please don't hesitate to talk to your physiotherapist about the most appropriate and effective plan – to suit you and your goals towards living an active lifestyle.

    Sarah Biermann – Physiotherapist

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