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    You may have been told you have bursitis, or know someone who has been diagnosed with it, but what is a "bursa" and what is "bursitis"?

    Physiotherapy for bursitisA bursa is a thin, lubricated cushion that lies between points of friction around our joints. They are there for a very good reason.... to help tendons and muscles move freely over the edges of our bones without too much resistance.

    There are hundreds in our body, but sometimes they can become irritated due to too much compression or friction occurring in the area. This can be an acute injury or an overuse injury, and commonly occurs around the shoulder, hip and knee. This inflammation and swelling of the bursa is called bursitis, and movement of an inflamed bursa can be painful.

    So what can you do about an inflamed bursa?

    Well the good news is that there’s many things you can do to settle it down:

    1. Applying ice to the painful areas is a great way to relieve pain and reduce the swelling deep inside the bursa.
    2. Modifying activities or rest can give the bursa time to settle.
    3. Exercises to strength or stretch the muscles around the painful area can help take pressure of it.

    Bursitis is a very common injury that we see quite often in practice. Our physiotherapy team are very experienced in treating these types of conditions and have many tricks up their sleeves to help, such as exercises, hands-on treatment and advice.

    If you think you have bursitis or know of someone who may be suffering from it, come along and see one of our friendly physiotherapists today.

    Contact The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.

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