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  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill

    The Physio Clinic is fortunate enough to have the only Anti-Gravity Treadmill in South Australia outside of the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Football Clubs and it has been made exclusively available to our clients.

    What is an Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

    It's a revolutionary medical rehabilitation treadmill with a unique air pressure technology to allow for accurate, safe and comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy.

    It's used predominantly for post surgery rehabilitation, conditioning, injury rehab, weight loss and offers the following benefits:

    • Greater support to improve your gait pattern (walking/running)
    • Maintain strength & fitness while recovering from surgery or injury
    • A safer way to lose weight and exercise more intensively
    • Run longer and recovery faster with less pain

       Anti-Gravity TreadmillAnti-Gravity Treadmill | physio rehabilitation | Adelaide SA.

    Common conditions that can be treated by the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill include:

    • knee surgery (total knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair, cartilage damage)
    • hip surgery (total hip replacement, hip arthroscopy, labral tear)
    • stress fractures (shin splints)
    • load management for runners and athletes (tendinitis, tendinopathy, bursitis, compartment syndrome)
    • exercising in a moon boot or if partial weightbearing due to injury/surgery
    • lower limb muscle strains (muscle tear, pulled muscle)
    • ankle injury (sprained ankle, achilles pain, plantarfasciitis, heel pain)
    • weight loss
    • lower back pain (disc bulge, nerve pain, sciatica)

    How to get started?

    A trained physiotherapist at The Physio Clinic will perform a thorough assessment to determine your physical abilities and goals, then guide you through the process of using the treadmill.

    From this initial assessment and in consultation with you, the recommended program and number of sessions for your injury/condition will be devised. The treadmill may be used in conjunction with an exercise program and/or physiotherapy treatment pending your injury/condition and the goals that you have to maximise results.

    No specific referral is required for this type of consultation. Private Health Insurance can be used. Note: weight limit is 140kg.

    For more information, or to book in a trial session, please call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233

    See how it works via the video below...

    The Anti-Gravity Treadmill is available at our Marryatville Physio Clinic, five minutes from the city of Adelaide, South Australia.

    The Physio Clinic | Prospect | Marryatville | Blackwood