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  • 3D Golf Analysis

    Golfers - Have your swing analysed in 3D

    • Hit the ball further
    • Improve your ball striking
    • Reduce your risk of injuries

    What is 3D Swing Analysis?

    A computerised swing analysis system used to measure exactly the way your body moves during your golf swing. It has been used by the best players in the world and is accurate to within 1 degree.

    What's on offer?

    Sessions run for one hour with a physiotherapist and golf professional to measure your body movements wearing a sensored vest.

    Hit approximately 10 shots, then receive a ½ hour biofeedback training period to correct your movement faults whilst wearing the vest.

    A detailed report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses is provided along with exercises advice designed to correct your individual faults and a computer generated 3D model of your swing.

    Sessions are run with Golf Physiotherapist Ben Corso in conjunction with your PGA professional either onsite at our Prospect Clinic, or by arrangement at your local golf club with your PGA professional.

    For more information speak with our friendly admin staff on 8342 1233

    Golf 3D Swing Analysis: The Physio Clinic, Prospect SA