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  • Group Classes

    Hydrotherapy is a type of rehabilitation that uses water to help the body move and exercise.

    If you struggle to exercise effectively on land due to pain, injury, poor balance or weakness then hydrotherapy can be very useful. Even if you just want to increase your fitness, our physiotherapists can show you a range of safe and challenging exercises to get the most out of your pool session.

    Group classes run for 30 minutes with a maximum of six people.

    Our trained Aquatic Physiotherapists provide close supervision and guidance with your tailored exercise program to help achieve your goals.

    For your convenience, we have four sites that we use for individual and group hydrotherapy:

    •  ECH College Grove (Walkerville)
    •  Norwood Swim School (Beulah Park)
    •  Blackwood Fitness (Blackwood)
    •  Findon Swim School (Kidman Park)

    Phone our friendly staff today about our latest hydrotherapy session times on 8342 1233

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