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    • Treat conditions using play
    • Interactive & enjoyable sessions
    • Manage developmental delay

    What is paediatric physiotherapy?

    Paediatric Physiotherapy is a service aiming to manage and treat childhood conditions for children of all ages. Some common conditions include:

    • Developmental delay
    • Neurological conditions
    • Syndromes and genetic disorders
    • Postural problems
    • Congenital conditions including 'flat head' and club foot

    What's on offer?

    We have a Paediatric Physiotherapist consulting at our clinic who is a registered provider under the Better Start initiative, enabling some clients to access government funding. We are also able to provide home visits, school and kindergarten visits.

    The Physio Clinic offers on-site free child minding, along with family friendly facilities including a change table and 'Kids Room'. The Physio Clinic has wheelchair access and parking.

    For more information speak with our friendly admin staff on 8342 1233

    The Physio Clinic has four locations, North, East, South and West of Adelaide in South Australia.