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    Running out of steam with your new iso-habit?

    05 Jun 2020

    While gyms have closed and have been this way for a number of weeks now, many of us have taken to the streets! ….to run or walk in order to

    The no. 1 mistake people make when recovering from injury

    26 Sep 2019

    It is far too easy to simply stop all exercise when injured. This does not mean we want you to hop on a sprained ankle, but there are things y

    Sore Shins from Running

    26 Sep 2019

    Shin pain, often referred to as ‘shin splints’ is a common complaint amongst runners. It primarily affects new runners or people w

    Should I use ICE or HEAT on an injury?

    05 Apr 2019

    This may 'win' the most common question physio's get asked! Ice or heat on an injury? Both can provide relief and ease symptoms, howeve

    Sore knees or feet from running?

    07 Nov 2017

    Do you ever feel the more running you do the harder the ground feels? Clients' reporting knee and feet pain from running is unfortunately a

    Pulled another hammy?

    28 Sep 2017

    It’s that time of the year, with summer sports around the corner, people are pushing themselves that little bit harder with their training un

    Repetitive ankle sprains at footy

    06 Apr 2017

    Unfortunately ankle sprains are all too common on the football field. The ankle has ligaments that connect bone to bone which help to stabilis