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    Strength Training for Runners

    09 Mar 2020

    The three major moments of running are: 1.     Stance 2.     Swing 3.     F

    Why is exercise the best medicine?

    08 Apr 2019

    Q. Why would an exercise pill never get approval as a medicine? A. Because it has too many side effects! Ok, so I may not be a natural whe

    Want to tone up for summer?

    07 Nov 2018

    Wanting to “tone up” seems to be a common wish approaching the summer season, but what does this term really mean? Toning up refers

    Ideas and motivation to be more active!

    06 Apr 2018

    We all know we need to be more active but sometimes we don’t know where or how to start… Aiming to go to the gym everyday or cut out a

    Is it too late to improve my fitness?

    05 Mar 2018

    Here at The Physio Clinic, we like to believe that age is just a number. How often do we see stories on the television with people in their 60

    Motivation from Pushing Performance

    05 Dec 2017

    As the year comes to an end its time to reflect on how 2017 has redefined your health and wellness for the future…. You may even be seeking

    Is your mind City-Bay ready?

    29 Aug 2017

    With Adelaide’s leading fun run just around the corner it’s time to put the final touches into your training regime. Whether you&rs

    Top four tips on how to recover after training

    16 Jan 2017

    Recovery after training is arguably one of the most important parts to any training regime – for any type of sport or exercise. Whether you a