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    Pregnancy and post-natal Pilates classes are starting soon!

    12 Feb 2018

    Exercise during pregnancy is important and provides many benefits. Rather than aiming to ‘to get fit’ through rigorous exercise, our pr

    Will Pregnancy Pilates help my growing baby?

    13 Sep 2016

    Many pregnant women are confused about exercise recommendations during pregnancy and sometimes as a result feel the need to reduce or stop the

    Importance of pre-natal pelvic floor training

    04 Nov 2014

    Whether you have a natural birth or caesarean your pelvic floor is stretched and weakened from carrying your baby. During pregnancy, your body

    5 tips for post-natal back pain

    04 Nov 2014

    Congratulations on your new baby! You have a new life to look after, but it is important to look after yourself too! Whether this is your first bab

    Sore neck from feeding your baby?

    04 Nov 2014

    Whether you are breast feeding, expressing or feeding with a bottle you are likely to get a sore neck. Your husband is likely to get a sore neck to