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    Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

    04 Mar 2019

    Standing Up For Hips + Knees Hear about the latest evidence-based treatment and management for hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA).

    Do you have hip or knee pain? Have you been told you have osteoarthritis (OA)?

    14 Sep 2018

    Did you know that the latest research reveals that a physiotherapist is the best person to see FIRST for advice and treatment. You may not need

    Worried about your clicky knees, is it arthritis?

    03 Aug 2018

    Did you know that knee pain is actually very common, especially in the over 50s age group? In fact, the latest research reveals nearly 10% of

    Whats new with Knee Arthritis?

    18 Sep 2017

    We are pleased to offer an education session for anyone suffering with knee arthritis. The session presented by The Physio Clinic an

    My doctor said I have arthritis. Is it really ‘bone on bone’?

    15 Jul 2014

    We’ve all heard people say their arthritic joints are “bone on bone”, but what does that really mean? The cartilage in our jo